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How to do trickshots in fortnite : This glitch allows you to get infinite life in Fortnite

How to do trickshots in fortnite -  For some reason, there are users who manage to find completely implausible errors in games with which they can activate prohibited functions and have an advantage over rivals. We don't know how the hell they come to that conclusion, but at least many of them share the results. As with this trick to get infinite life in Fortnite.

How to do trickshots in fortnite : This glitch allows you to get infinite life in Fortnite
The sorbet mushroom trick

In Fortnite there are some very peculiar mushrooms that are especially recognizable. They are sorbet mushrooms, and they are fluerescent blue mushrooms capable of regenerating the health and energy bar if we eat a few. Well, it seems that someone has managed to come up with a trick that would allow to maintain the effect of the mushrooms indefinitely, thus achieving the effect of infinite life forever.

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The problem? The process requires the help of a second player, so you won't be able to do it alone. This is how you do it.

How to get infinite energy with sorbet mushrooms

As we can see in the following OrangeGuy video, all we will need is to get several sorbet mushrooms located in the Pantano Pegajoso facilities, and immediately go to one of the booths that we will find outside. It will be there when we need the help of the second player, since the instructions to follow are the following:

  • Hit the booth until it has one last hit to be destroyed.
  • Eat the mushroom and enter the house immediately.
  • The second player must hit the dugout and destroy it.

At that point, you will go outside and the effect of the mushroom should remain active throughout the game. Thus, every time you lose energy, it will automatically regenerate without doing anything, so technically you will become an invincible player throughout the game. And the effect is so powerful, that even the recovery is able to withstand the storm when it takes 5 points of life per second.

If you don't succeed on the first try, you will probably have to try again in a different house, as it does not usually work first, but it usually ends up working.

Is this cheating?

If we abide by the rules of the game, technically it is not cheating, since we are using the elements and accessories of the map to achieve an effect on our character. But of course, ethically this is not legal at all, since we start with an immense advantage with which practically no player will be able to knock us down in a duel to the death.

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Considering this is a completely unfair advantage, the mushrooms will most likely disappear at any moment until Epic Games fixes this timing issue caused by the mushrooms and the booths themselves. While he does it or not, you should be careful, since the island could be filled with players who use this trick in order to take the Victory Home, although considering that a player is needed, it is most likely that do not find them when you play games in solo mode. Don't be tempted and play fair!

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