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How to kill hunters halo infinite || How to defeat Halo Infinite Hunters

How to kill hunters halo infinite - Of all the non-boss enemies you'll face Infinite Halo, Hunters are hands down the hardest to kill. They're big, blue, and heavily armored, and even the most powerful weapons do little damage. If you know how to fight hunters, things become much easier. There is a specific strategy that can be used to get around them, allowing you to target the weak parts of their armor. Here's How to kill hunters in halo infinite

How to kill hunters halo infinite || How to defeat Halo Infinite Hunters
How To Defeat Hunters Halo Infinite

Hunters are clad in extremely effective armor that will block most damage taken from a weapon. However, there are gaps in this armor, exposing the orange body underneath. Aim at these spots using a sniper rifle or other precision weapons to deal massive damage.

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While hurting hunters will eventually kill them, there is a way to speed things up. First, equip the thruster. Use it to move behind the Hunter and shoot at his back. This will break the armor and expose the hunter's back. This is where you want to aim from now on. You can also use the grappling hook to get behind a hunter quickly. I have found the Needler to be a good weapon to use as it will have a slight focus on the back whenever you are behind the enemy. The Bulldog shotgun works well here too.

You can also bring a vehicle or turret into the fight to help, but be aware that you will lack the precision to hit the holes in the armor. Your best bet is to stay on your feet, using the thruster or grappling hook to circle the hunter, until you get a clear shot in his back.

Here's how to defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite. For more help with the game, check out our Quick Travel Guide. Once you're done, you should head over to our best multiplayer weapons guide for tips on how to dominate online. 

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