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How to Open Gifts in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest 2021

How to open last present in fortnite - To open the gifts at Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest 2021, you must visit the Cozy Lodge. You will likely receive a news banner that will take you directly to the cottage when you launch the game, but if you are starting from the lobby screen, go to the snowflake tab on the right. From there, press the requested button to visit the accommodation.

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How to Open Gifts in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest 2021

Inside the inn there are two piles of gifts. Select what you want and then select an individual gift. You will now have the option to shake the gift or open it. Shake it if you want to try to guess what it is and if you don't like the sound, you can choose another gift.

If you like the sound, hold the button to open it. Happy Winterfest! We hope you like it. If you're unlucky, the receipt was burned in that cozy little fire.

It's possible that the open button is off and you can't open a gift. Either because you've already opened a gift today – in which case, stop being so impatient and greedy and come back tomorrow – or because you picked up one of the gifts that has to be opened last. If that's the case, sorry, but there's no shortcut. You'll just have to wait until the end of the year to open it.

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