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Halo infinite big team battle broken || Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Fix Coming Next Week

Halo Infinite Big Team Battle -  343 Industries offers a statement regarding Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle playlist, stating that a patch should be ready by next week. Infinite Halo's Big Team Battle playlist hasn't been working properly in some time, much to the dismay of those looking to play it. Fortunately, the wait is almost over, as 343 Industries has provided a statement on these issues and indicated that a patch should be coming. halo infinity sometime next week.

For all the intense firefights and strategic map movement that Halo Arena requires, the only thing the mode generally lacks is vehicles. Enter Big Team Battle, the long-running playlist that covers the third essential pillar of the Halo multiplayer formula, offering multidimensional vehicular combat that just doesn't always work in Arena modes.

Halo infinite big team battle broken || Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Fix Coming Next Week

Traditionally, Big Team Battle has been an 8v8 experience, but Infinity Halo upped the ante, making it 12v12, which in turn allowed for much more destruction and mayhem than was previously possible. For the last month, unfortunately, Big Team Battle hasn't worked in infinite halo, and most players can't be placed in matches.

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343 Industries has announced that a hotfix should be coming that will resolve the current Big Team Battle issues. halo infinity sometime next week. The news comes from the official. halo Twitter account support, in a quote tweet from a previous post stating that 343 Industries was working on a Big Team Battle fix. "The fix to improve Big Team Battle matchmaking stability is planned to be released in the middle of next week." Halo Support writes. In addition to the hotfix, in recognition of the ongoing issues, 343 Industries is giving every player who logs into the game in the month the patch is active 5 XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps.

There are two recurring reactions to this news in responses to the Halo Support Tweet. One side contains people who are excited about the hotfix, thanking 343 Industries for finally addressing the issue, while the other is filled with people who are disappointed in consolation offers from 343 Industries, having already completed Halo Infinite's pass. Battle of y without the need for XP Boosts. However, challenge trades are still useful after reaching max rank in the battle pass, as they can be used during halo infinity events or while trying to earn the usual weekly reward.

This is a necessary step to retain Infinite Halo's player base, and it couldn't be more perfectly timed. Next week kicks off Infinite Halo ‘s Cyber ​​Showdown, which brings a handful of synthwave cosmetics, like a digital Mohawk, to the game, as well as a new game mode.

The combination of the return of Big Team Battle plus the attractive Cyber ​​Showdown cosmetics is the infinity halo combo that desperately needs to bring back players who may have fallen out.

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