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How to get Madcap growing mushroom pickaxe free in Fortnite

Crescent shroom pickaxe fortnite - Fortnite continues to grow in popularity and as it does so, more and more cosmetic items are added to the store. Many must be purchased, but some can be purchased through other means, and some are even free. One of those free items is Madcap's growing mushroom pickaxe.

How to get Madcap growing mushroom pickaxe free in Fortnite

Epic Games is giving away Madcap's Crescent Shroom Pickaxe for free as an apology for the outages during the end of December. The item will be available in the store later, but those who log in during Winterfest will receive the Madcaps Crescent Shroom Pickaxe completely free.

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Winterfest ends on January 6, so players have one more day to log in and claim this item. Grabbing this rare pickaxe is a great way to spruce up your style! Those who miss the item will be able to purchase it later, though the date has not been said.

This free item is given away to make up for Fortnite's downfall during Winterfest, leaving some players unable to play. This was likely due to increased traffic, and Epic is handling that well by giving away a free item. So be sure to log in before it's too late!

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