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Where to fight melania elden ring, read here

How to get to melania elden ring - One of the best known faces of Elden Ring is a boss, of course, in this guide you will find everything about Malenia. Where is he and how can you access this place. Malenia, The Sword of Miquella is one of the most renowned characters in the Elden Ring. We've seen her in trailers and during our tour of the game world, a few characters mention her. Well, she awaits us in a remote place.

Where to fight melania elden ring, read here

To be able to battle against Malenia we will have to carry out a series of steps, travel through different places and reach the place where she waits patiently. Here we tell you everything you need to know.

How to find Malenia, Miquella's sword in Elden Ring

The first thing you must do is get the Secret Medallion and access Ordina, the Liturgical City through the Great Rold Elevator. In this location you must search for the eternal prison and you will travel to the ghost version of the city.

Your objective now is to light three bonfires without stopping. We say the latter because in this area there is an invisible enemy that will end up finding you. Once these camps are lit, it is time to go to the stairs that are located at the end of the city.

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You will access what is known as the Hieratic Tree of Miquella. You will start a journey between trees and branches. The goal will always be to go down. Go down and down eliminating enemies or dodging their attacks. You must access a city built at the base of the great tree.

After coming across the first Grace, continue descending to find another one. In addition, this place has a shortcut to the first Grace that will make things much easier for you in case you lose your battle against the boss of the area. Which? Loretta, Sentinel of the Hieratic Tree.

If she is defeated, it's time to reach this beautiful, yet deadly, new location. After killing a Valkyrie, it's time to activate a Grace and continue towards a large bridge on the other side of the wall. Locating yourself is not an easy task.

The objective here is to find a hole in a small root after you have overcome a couple of squares with archers and a large demon.

If you sneak through here you will reach the interior of the Hieratic Tree. Go down the roots until you fall into the Rot. It doesn't matter, run away, heal from time to time and avoid the enemies. You will find a Grace that will allow you to eliminate the altered state.


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Continuing along the only possible path you will reach the door that will lead you to Malenia, Miquella's sword. Have a good time with her, the battle will be legendary.

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