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Where to find drakes map fortnite and how to use drakes Map fortnite

How to find drakes map in fortnite -  The arrival of Drake's map in Fortnite only means one thing, the season of treasures, like the collaboration event with the Uncharted movie, officially begins. We all know that the island still holds a huge number of mysteries. Those that can only be discovered with the help of an object as special as this and today we will tell you all about them.

Where to find drakes map fortnite and how to use drakes Map fortnite

Where to find Drakes map in Fortnite

First of all, to find one of these maps we will need an extraordinary fortune. After all, we're talking about legendary rarity items. Therefore, they can only be found randomly on the ground or in rare chests.

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Basically we mean a treasure map. Those that were added in the eighth season of Fortnite; however, how to use them can be a bit confusing.

How to use Drakes map

If we appeal to this relationship, to use a Drake map in Fortnite we must, first of all, select it in our inventory. In this way, a light mark will be generated that indicates the place where the treasure is buried.

We will also see that a line will appear on the ground. She will show us the path we have to follow to reach the goal. It should be noted that these locations are random.

Finally, it only remains to hit the ground with the pickaxe or our material collection tool when we reach the meeting point marked with a huge X. In this way, we will get a chest that contains items with a high degree of rarity.

When does chapter 3 season 1 end

It is important to consider that this event will be available from February 18 to March 19, the date on which the first season of the third chapter will end.

Finally, regarding Drake's map in Fortnite, he will disappear when we have found the treasure in the game. Considering how close we are to the end of the season, we don't have much time left to snag some amazing loot in-game.

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