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Where to find Monarch pack tokens in Fortnite, Read here

Where Monarch pack tokens in Fortnite - The first week of Fortnite Monarch Pack missions is here, which rewards us with the "Shattered Wings" accessory. Epic has introduced a new mode of purchase packages in which you can complete a series of missions to level up and unlock rewards within said package. This is the case of this Monarca package that consists of 28 levels. Today we explain how to unlock the rewards of the first week.

Where to find Monarch pack tokens in Fortnite, Read here


Obviously to have these missions available we will need to buy the Monarch package in the store for 1200 V-Bucks. Once obtained, we will have to find seven tokens scattered around the map to unlock the weekly Fortnite accessory.

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Where to find Monarch pack tokens in Fortnite

Here are the locations of the tokens:

  • Northeast of Abandoned Sawmill, on a mountain.
  • In the farm fields, west of the Daily Bugle.
  • In the caravan camp between Tilted Towers and Clandestine Cavern.
  • In the luxury house on the cliff north of the Daily Bugle.
  • On a small island near the large Foundation statue.
  • On the bridge between Caserío Colesterol and Carretes Calurosos.
  • In the coastal house south of the Chonker Circuit.

To get them you just have to enter a Battle Royale game and go to the different locations. As soon as you get all the tokens you will get this week's item. The items included in the package are the following:

  • Week 1, Shattered Wings.
  • Week 2, Monarch Glow.
  • Week 3, gold style for Shattered Wings.
  • Week 4, gold style for the Monarch outfit.

Also say that every time we get a mission from the package, we also receive a full level of the Battle Pass, so we can go up to 28 levels thanks to this package.

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