Drake Knight Armor, Where to get Drake Knight armor in elden ring

How to get to crumbling farum azula -  Drake Knight's armor is without a doubt one of the best in the Elden Ring depending on your class. And if you don't explore, you may not find it the first time. 


Drake Knight Armor, Where to get Drake Knight armor in elden ring

However, you will need to have progressed enough through the game after playing many of the required story quests to progress through the game enough to reach the Crumbling Farum Azula. In this guide we will tell you where to go to get this armor.


How to Get Drake Knight Armor elden ring


The Drake Knight armor can be found in a treasure chest located in the Farum Azula Crumbling. You will need to have beaten the Godskin duo and then move on to Grace's next site. When you get to the area where the hawks (birds) are attacking you, you will find that there is an elevator but no switch.


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You can't jump down but when you go to the edge of the building with the ladder when you get to the bottom instead of going straight to the dragon go the other way and jump down and around the side of the building (which houses the elevator). In an ornamental treasure chest, you will find the Drake Knight armor.

This set will include the armor, helmet, gauntlets, and greaves.

If you have completed a lot of side quests, you may already have better armor in the Elden Ring. If you bought the Scale Armor Set or the Twin Armor Set, you might be better off with them, but if not, you should definitely upgrade your defenses in this tough area.


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