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How to use sorceries elden ring and enchantments in Elden Ring

Sorceries elden ring -  Ring of the Elden by FromSoftware has finally arrived this week and players on PlayStation, Xbox and PC can now traverse the most challenging open world of any video game. 

How to use sorceries elden ring and enchantments in Elden Ring

Fortunately From Software gives us enough tools to survive the dangers of The Lands Between, since Elden Ring has more combat options than any other Soulsborne game and one of them is attacking with spells and sorceries.

Even if it is possible to learn spells and spells from the beginning of your adventure in the Elden Ring, in order to complete them it is necessary to have staff equipped in neither of your hands. Unless you choose Astrologer or Prophet as your starting class, your first exposure to spells and sorcery is likely to occur when an enemy uses them against you.

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You can equip up to two charms and spells at once from a grace point, and switching between them requires pressing the D-Pad up. Elden Ring spells and sorceries eat up CP, so you need to pay attention to your bar and manage your vital vials and CP wisely. Once you've equipped your staff, press the attack buttons to cast the equipped spell.

So here it is, inside Ring of the Elden the only thing you need to be able to use spells or incantations is to equip a staff and have CP. As you progress, you'll encounter NPCs who will teach you new spells to increase your magical healing and combat abilities. 

Elden Ring is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5, and PC. In my review of Elden Ring I said that it is everything we can hope for in an open world game. From software and had an incredible reception from the rest of the critics

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