How to complete boot camp in fortnite of the Foundation in chapter 3 of season 1

How to mantle in fortnite - The Foundation has been a part of Fortnite lore for several seasons. At this point, he has appeared in all three chapters of the game. Finally, her long-awaited cosmetic set is available to players. One cosmetic we've all had in mind is the Mantle of Foundation, which is a black cape that can be worn as an ornament on your back.

How to complete boot camp in fortnite of the Foundation in chapter 3 of season 1

You can see what the Foundation Mantle looks like in the image below. Follow the image link to see everything we know about the cosmetic!

Fortunately, it is not a complicated task to add it to your inventory. Players can unlock it by completing specific quests given to them by The Foundation. The Foundation's Mantle quest involves shooting an opponent with a sniper rifle while he is crouched.

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The easiest way to do this is to join a Team Rumble match and move to the inner circle to set up camp before everyone else gets there. Find a sniper of any kind ASAP, then build your way up to a tree (or large hill/mountain) that has a good view of the area below you. From there, you can easily duck down and take out unsuspecting opponents below.

When you complete the task this way, it's best to do it outside the center section of the circle. That way, you have a good view of all the opponents fighting your teammates, but stay out of the line of fire.

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