How to get the alternative skin of the Master Chief in Fortnite

How to get master chief in fortnite  -  We tell you how you can get a variation of the traditional Master Chief skin in Fortnite.  In case you didn't know, the first thing you should do to get the Matte Black skin for the Master Chief is to buy the default skin from the official Fortnite store.

How to get the alternative skin of the Master Chief in Fortnite

How much does the Master Chief skin cost?

  • Master Chief Pack (includes skin; UNSC Pelican; Gravity Hammer pickaxe and mini Warthog emote) ― 2600 V-Bucks.
  • Master Chief Skin ― 1500 V-Bucks

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I bought my skin and now what should I do?

After releasing the money, what you must do is the following: You will have to play a game with the Master Chief skin on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console. In this way, it will not be a problem if you already have the new console generation of Microsoft, but be a bit complicated if you don't already have it.

The Master Chief set, part of the Legends of Gaming series, is now available in the item shop. Highlights of this set include the Master Chief Outfit, available individually or as part of the Master Chief Bundle. Equip yourself with the reinforced assault armor MJOLNIR and become a SPARTAN-II

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