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How to get Shard fortnite or Kiosk ship in Fortnite

Shard fortnite - The Fortnite Week 12 Season 19 Challenge requires you to reach either the Shard or the Kiosk Ship, so we've got their locations to help you find points of interest in no time. The end of Chapter 3 Season 1 is fast approaching, which means players only have a few weeks to earn XP, complete their Battle Pass, and unlock all the skins and cosmetics on offer.

Fortunately, these weekly challenges keep coming. In week 12, players will need to visit the Shard or Kiosk Ship on a speedboat to earn 25,000 XP, though this can be tricky as those landmarks are quite hard to find.  Below you will find a map of the location of the locations you are looking for, as well as tips on how to complete this quest.

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How to enter the Shard or Kiosk Ship in Fortnite

How to get Shard fortnite or Kiosk ship in Fortnite

The first part of this task is to get a speedboat, as there is no point in searching for a Shard or Kiosk Ship and then returning. you can find two motorboats at the docks to the west of Greasy Grove.

From there, you just need to visit one of the landmarks, either the Shard or the Kiosk Ship, to complete the challenge. We recommend heading to the Shard as it is located on the west coast near the docks.

Many players have likely never visited these locations before due to how difficult they are to find, which is why we've put together simple location guides for both attractions below.

Fragment locations in Fortnite Chapter 3

How to get Shard fortnite or Kiosk ship in Fortnite

To find the Fragment in Fortnite Chapter 3, visit the beach docks west of the Greasy Diner and get a speedboat. Then you just need to drive further west towards the ocean until you reach the Shard.

Attraction Fragment in Fortnite is a sunken fragment of an iron arm hidden underwater. You must sail the boat above to complete the task.


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Kiosk Ship Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3

How to get Shard fortnite or Kiosk ship in Fortnite

Kiosk Ship is a unique ship in Fortnite, as it is the first (and only) attraction to appear in a random location at the start of every match. This means that you will have to do a search to find it.

The main tip we can give is that the floating outpost never spawns on lakes or rivers within the map, so the best way to find it is to travel along the coast around the edges of the island and hopefully you spot it.

Since there will be a lot of other players looking for the Kiosk Ship, you have to be careful when approaching it. We recommend bringing a gun with you in case you find yourself in a firefight. Remember that you only need to visit one of the two attractions by boat to complete this challenge. Once you do this, a total of 25 XP will be added to your account.

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