Dragon Hearts elden ring And What Enchantments They Unlock

Where to get dragon spells elden ring -  As you embark on your journey through the Midlands, you'll encounter several strange characters, some tricky bosses, and a quest that includes epic battles against dragons. In this guide we tell you step by step how to get a dragon heart to offer at the altar of the Elden Ring Dragon Communion Church and what rewards you will get in return.

Dragon Hearts elden ring And What Enchantments They Unlock

Where to get dragon spells elden ring

To get dragon hearts in the Elden Ring you will "simply" have to defeat one of these legendary creatures: with this action you will be guaranteed the dragon heart, but it will not be easy, because it is one of the enemies -which not a boss - harder to deal with in the Midlands.

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How to get a dragon heart in Elden Ring   

Now here are the best ways to get a dragon heart in Elden Ring:

  • Agheel Flying Dragon – This is probably the first dragon you encounter in the Elden Ring. It is located in the lake to the west of the initial area of ​​the campaign, however, we recommend that, before facing it, you climb several levels (at least 30), get good weapon upgrades and ensure both the mount and the summoning mechanics of spirits.
  • Smarag Dragon – This is another one of the dragons you will find in the Elden Ring. Smarag will be sleeping northwest of the Rose Church, and you will surely come across him in search of the sparkle key to open the door of Raya Luciría's Academy. Of course, if the dragon Agheel was quite a challenge, in this case the difficulty is raised much more and, in addition to good levels and weapons, we suggest you use the major runes and rune bows to boost your character's attributes.

How to travel to the Dragon Communion Church to use the heart on the altar

With the dragon heart in your possession, you will now have to travel to the Dragon Communion Church to offer this item at the altar and get some more than important rewards for the course of the adventure. Of course, traveling to this area will not be easy: you will have to go to a small island in front of the western island of Limgrave through a cave (carry a torch or a lantern to light the way) and you will fight against a boss, later, you can continue to the prized altar of dragons.

The enchantments that you will get as rewards by offering a Dragon Heart in the Dragon Fellowship Church are:

  • Dragonfire: CP Cost: 28. Requires 15 Faith and 12 Arc.
  • Dragon's Maw: CP Cost: 62. Requires 24 Faith and 16 Arc.
  • Dragon Claw: CP Cost: 32. Requires 17 Faith and 13 Arc.

All of these enchantments are highly powerful, but they will leave you exposed for a few seconds, so use them carefully and strategically in combat.

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