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How to Equip Sorcery Spells and Magic Enchantments Elden Ring

How to equip spells elden ring - Ring of Elden is a game that allows you to play the way you want and actually encourages that fact. Whether you want to get in close with your opponents or prefer to hang back and damage them from afar, you'll be able to hone your build and become the Elden Lord you've always wanted to be.

How to Equip Sorcery Spells and Magic Enchantments Elden Ring

But, if you're looking to forego normal melee-based builds and focus more on his magical abilities, you might be a bit lost on how to go about it. Fear not, because today we are here to show you how to equip sorcery spells and magical enchantments, so that you can strike down your enemies with the power of magic, instead of the power of your fists.

Witchcraft Spells and Magic Enchantments Elden Ring

How to Equip Sorcery Spells and Magic Enchantments Elden Ring

In order to equip a new piece of Sorcery to your character, you will first need to make a stop at the nearest grace website. Once there, all you need to do is take a quick break and open the menu from there.

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When you open the menu, you'll see the option to memorize spell, and you'll want to select it. Once you've done that, it's as simple as finding the spell you want to equip and putting it into one of your memory slots. Make sure you have an ideal weapon for casting magic, such as the Where Staff, otherwise you won't be able to use these new magic abilities.

Depending on how many spells you have, you'll also be able to switch between them and choose the one that best suits the situation you're in by pressing on the directional pad. This will allow you to have a few different spells on hand, so you'll always be ready for the next fight that's coming your way.

to use enchantments well you will first need to equip a holy seal. Once you have a Holy Seal, the process is very similar to equipping a Sorcerous Piece, as you will only need to visit the nearest Site of Grace and equip your new enchantment to your character.

Now that you've set them up for your character, you're ready to become the wizard or warlock of your dreams! Fight from afar and learn exciting new spells and incantations as you make your way through the vast open world of the Elden Ring to become the mightiest Elden Lord of them all!

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