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Yura quest elden ring, How To Complete Yura Quest Line elden ring

Npc quests elden ring -  Just as there are many places to visit in Ring of Elden, there are many characters you can cross paths with, many of whom have their own stories and side quests. 

Yura quest elden ring, How To Complete Yura Quest Line elden ring
One such NPC is Bloody Finger Hunter Yura. The helpful samurai introduces you to the hunter mechanic, which allows you to be summoned to people's games when they're invaded to protect them, so it's only fair that you help him out. You'll also get some nice rewards along the way. This guide will explain how to complete Yura Questline in Ring of Elden.

Yura quest elden ring : How to complete Yura quest line in Elden Ring

The first place you can meet Yura in the Lands Between is under the rubble south of Lake Agheel in Limgrave. If you decide to talk to him, he will warn you about the dragon in the lake; Although this is not a necessary encounter to complete Yura's questline, that encounter will be found beyond the lake, as mentioned above.

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Step 1 – Saved Near Murkwater Cave

Proceed north upriver to the north of Lake Agheel towards Murkwater Cave. You will be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus and make Yura come to save you. Once Nerijus is defeated, continue upriver to find another piece of debris to act as a flyover. Also under this rubble you will find Yura. He will tell you that it is his job to hunt down Bloody Fingers and that he would appreciate your help.

Step 2: Save Yura on Ray Lucaria

Continue through the game until you reach Raya Lucaria's Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes. After receiving the Glintstone Key and passing the locked gate of the school, you will reach the Site of Grace called the Main Gate of the Academy. east of the Site of Grace; you will see another blue crest like the one on the door. Walk further and head to the Red Summon sign on the bridge. Interact with him to help Yura in a battle. Once you defeat the assassin Yura will appear on the bridge thank you and he will give you a smithing stone. It will also mention the strongest of all the Bloody Fingers: Eleonora.

Step 3: Confront Eleonora

Head to the Second Church of Marika on the Altus Plateau. Here you will find Yura, injured. Talk to him and he will tell you to stop Eleonora and then he will die, dropping the Nagakiba Katana from her. You will then be invaded by the Eleonora mentioned above. Defeat her to get the Purifying Crystal Tear and her weapon, Eleonora's Pole Sword.

Step 4: Final meeting

Continue through the game until you reach the Top of Giant Mountain beyond the Capital. Make your way through the area until you reach the ruins of Zamor. Here, you will find Yura next to the area's Grace Site, having been possessed by a character named Shabriri. He will tell you to travel below the Capital and acquire the Frenzied Flame. You can do as he says or just attack him. Killing him or returning to this location after meeting Three Fingers will allow you to collect the armor set from him.

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