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How To Get Oil Pots Fast elden Ring and location

Where to get oil pot elden ring -  Elden Ring players who need Oil Pots those in a hurry will want to check out this guide on how to craft them as early in the game as possible. With so many uses for Oil Pots, it's important to know where to get the recipe to make Oil Pots and items needed to make them. Don't know where to find the recipe to make the pot of oil? We have what you need.

How To Get Oil Pots Fast elden Ring and location

How to get oil pots in Elden Ring

To get oil pots, you will first need to go to the siofra well and head to the wooden scaffolding in the middle of the underground lake area.

How To Get Oil Pots Fast elden Ring and location

Once there, climb the scaffolding up the stairs. Then go Climb the ladder while dodging or defeating enemies on the scaffolding. After going up the stairs, go around to the left side until you forget it down to the left where there is more scaffolding.

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Follow the scaffolding and go right. across the bridge until you are part of her masonry gateway. Then go through the cave and past the Fireplace until you hear music and you find a room with brick pillars.

Go down into the room from the cave and you will find a single merchant who sells the Craft Book Needed for Oil Pots. The cookbook is called the Nomad Warrior's Cookbook [17] and it costs 1000 runes to buy.

To create pots of oil, you will need a melted mushroom and a broken pot of oil. The pot of oil douses an enemy in oil, causing the fire to deal significantly more damage.  The Nomad Warrior Recipe Book also allows users to create Wired Soap and Oil Jars.

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