How to pin a post on instagram profile, pin post to profile instagram

Pin post instagram - Instagram has started to activate an interesting feature that offers to personalize user profiles a little more. The company, in particular, now allows posts to be anchored or pinned to the top of the profile, preventing them from scrolling due to the chronological order that the app uses to sort the published images or videos. This will therefore make it so that anyone accessing the user can see that post first. But how are they anchored in the profile?

How to pin a post on instagram profile, pin post to profile instagram

How to Get Update Instagram

First of all, you need to check if the Instagram app is updated to the latest version. While the ability to pin posts to your profile seems to be implemented automatically, it is likely that downloading the latest version will activate it quickly. To update the app, follow these steps.

  • On Android: go to the Google Play Store, access your account icon and click on 'My Apps'. Next, in the 'Updates' section, check if there is a new version of Instagram available.
  • On iPhone: access the App Store, click on your account icon and slide to the 'Updates' section. Check if Instagram has a new version available.

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Ho To Pin Post to profile instagram

How to pin a post on instagram profile, pin post to profile instagram

Once the app is updated, go to your account section and find the post you want to pin. The feature, remember, is available for any media type; images or videos. When you have the publication located, click on it and click on the three-dot menu that appears in the upper area, next to your username. Finally, click on 'Pin to profile'.

Instagram will confirm that the image or video has been pinned to your account and you can view it by going back to your profile. The publication will also show a small pushpin icon at the top. As we have been able to verify, there is no limit to pin entries in the profile, so you can pin all the images or videos you want.

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Also, pinned posts are not sorted in chronological order. Instead, they do so in order of fixation. For example, if you first pin an image posted during the month of June, and then another one shared on your profile three months ago, the one you posted three months ago will appear first.

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