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How to change age on Tiktok, this read here

How to change age on tiktok - This article will teach you how to change your age on TikTok, a process that we can't do directly, so you'll need to contact their customer support. It is quite common to make a mistake in this regard, since the application only asks us to enter our date of birth when installing it, so if we have done it without paying attention, we may encounter a problem, since some functions of the application are only Available for ages 18+.

To change your date of birth, you have no choice but to contact the TikTok Help Center. In your app, tap on 'Me', then on the three dots icon at the top and look for 'Report a problem'. Go to 'Account and Profile' and you will find the option 'Edit profile'. You will see several options that do not fit what we are looking for, so go to 'Other'.

As we will need more detailed help, we will have to click on 'I still have problems'. A form will appear in which you can explain what happened and also attach up to four photographs that prove your real age, which will help ByteDance employees verify that your request is legitimate.

How to change age on Tiktok, this read here


We know that sharing personal information is something quite delicate and even the application itself advises not to attach personal photos, so, except in very special cases, it is more advisable to create an account from scratch, being careful when entering the date of birth. Also, this process is not instantaneous, so you will have to wait several hours or even days until your profile is modified.

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I can't sign up for TikTok because of my date of birth

"I downloaded the app but I can't sign up for TikTok because of my date of birth." This complaint is quite common, especially among the youngest and those who enter their date of birth randomly. The minimum age to have a TikTok account is set at 13 years, so no one under that age can access the application. If you rushed to create your profile and set your date of birth, for example, in 2010, you will have to go through the process that we detailed above with the support center.

How to see your age on TikTok

If you want to know how to see your age on TikTok, all you can do is request your data. Press the ‘Me’ icon and then the top menu with the three dots icon. Go to Privacy -> Personalization and data -> Download TikTok data. There you can request a report with all your data in the application, but this does not imply that you can consult it immediately.

TikTok specifies that requests are processed within approximately 30 days, to which later, in the 'Download data' tab, one or two more will have to be added. This file will only be accessible for four days, so if you want to check it later, you will have to restart the process. As you can see, it is a fairly complex process that despairs many users.

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To get a rough idea of ​​the age at which you signed up, you will have to be checking which functions you can access or not. If you entered an age below 13, you simply won't be able to log in, while if the data you entered is between 13 and 18, you won't be able to live stream or use private messages.

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