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How to delete history on TikTok, Read here

Did tiktok remove watch history - In recent years, TikTok has managed to occupy an important part of people's free time, since this video publishing platform is used for entertainment. However, as with other applications, as it is used, it takes up space in the device's memory. If you need to clear TikTok history, we will explain how to do it.

How to delete history on TikTok, Read here

What are the ways to delete TikTok history?

TikTok was created to watch and produce short videos among users, most of whom use it through a mobile device. The fact is that watching so many videos for a certain period of time makes the application take up considerable space in the phone's memory.

If we take into account that most phones have more than one social network downloaded, we are talking about the device's memory filling up little by little. So, in a few months the performance of the equipment is compromised.

Some over time begin to notice that their phone begins to slow down, that applications take longer to perform an action, they worry about their operation. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see that there are those who choose to free up as much space as they can, so they delete messages, audios, videos, filters, photos, among other things. However, there are other things you can do to remedy the situation.

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Inside the TikTok app

If you notice that your phone has a performance issue on TikTok, the first steps you should take is to make sure you have the latest update. If you have your app up to date, then you can restart your computer to restore any minor changes that are causing a system issue.

If the problem persists and your Internet connection is working, then you can proceed to clear your search history. To do so you must start your account and look for the bar with the magnifying glass as if you were looking for something and click on it.

elow the bar will appear each of the searches you have done along with an X, by pressing the X you would be deleting that part of the history. You must repeat this step with each of the tabs, that will help to empty the information that your account contains.

Clearing the app cache

Applications are constantly making updates to your system, these are increasing the space it occupies on the phone. If we add to that the photos, filters, effects, videos and other tools that we use to produce our content, we would be recharging the capacity of the device.

To clear the cache of the application you must go to your profile and locate the About section in the settings. In it you will find several options, but you must select free up space. This will open a window where you have the option to clear cache files and downloads.

Another way to clear the cache is from the phone settings. You have to look for the section where the applications are installed, once inside select TikTok and press clear cache data located at the bottom of the screen. This will remove the information from the device and improve its performance.

Is there a way to recover deleted history?

Some people have certain doubts and even refuse to do this process on their device. Although it is true that you can lose some kind of information, such as stickers, filters, among others; it must also be recognized that this content can be recovered.

On the other hand, the personal and important data of your account will not be affected, because those are saved in the application system. So, seeing the benefits and advantages of this procedure, we can determine that improving the performance of your device surpasses anything else.

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Therefore, we recommend that you perform this cleanup frequently, as it will make your application work as fast as the first time you used it. You can even do this same action with other applications you use and the result will be the same; At the end of all, the most benefited is your phone, which will not be overloaded with unnecessary information that affects its ability to respond with great speed.

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