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How To Get Battle Stars in Fortnite, How do you earn battle stars in fortnite

Battle Stars in Fortnite - As Fortnite has aged, it seems that each Battle Pass that appears is better than the last. For example, Chapter 3 has given Battle Pass owners the opportunity to unlock Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Darth Vader. The only catch is that each of these characters was placed at the end of their respective Battle Pass, meaning players needed hundreds of XP and Battle Stars to finally collect them. As stressful as it is, there are several ways to level up and earn Battle Stars in no time. This is all you need to do to get top tier Battle Pass skins fast.

How To Get  Battle Stars in Fortnite, How do you earn battle stars in fortnite

Look for XP bonuses for challenges

Ok, let's start with the most popular way to earn Battle Stars and XP. Most players know that daily and weekly challenges give thousands of XP, but they also give additional bonuses on top of that. For example, even though the Daily Challenges show they only award 1,000 XP each, the game will also award you a 15,000 XP bonus for each one you complete. This is also true for weekly challenges and Milestones, but you'll need to complete seven to 10 of these to get their even bigger XP bonuses.

Keep an eye out for Level Up Token Quest packs to get to the item shop

This method may not be for those who want all the Battle Pass skins right away, but it's perfect for players who are desperate for quick XP at the end of a season. Introduced in Chapter 3 Season 1, Level Up Quest Packs typically arrive a month before the season ends and allow anyone who purchases them to collect 28 tokens that instantly level them up. That means anyone who can find them all will get a total of 140 Battle Stars. These packs have also been known to come bundled with at least one skin and a chance to unlock his golden style.

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How to get to save the world in fortnite

Although Save the World mode is a paid add-on, it is much more generous with its XP bonuses than most other modes. This is because the more stages you play in any of its locations, the more XP it will lend you. For one thing, the Stonewood location can only offer up to 1,300 XP on its first level, but its later stages can reward between 10,000 and 20,000 XP. If this sounds like a method for you, we definitely recommend bringing friends. This should help you complete each stage in about 20 minutes, earning you hundreds of thousands of XP and countless Battle Stars in a single session.

How To Get Creative mode is your friend in Fortnite

Similar to Battle Royale, Creative mode also throws XP at you for almost everything you do, and you won't even have to worry about a storm. You may want to play some of the mode's more competitive minigames, as things like Prop Hunts and Fashion Shows have the potential to reward winners around 10,000 XP. More importantly, no matter the minigame, the mode will also give you 12,000 XP for every 15 minutes played.

Of course, players who get eliminations in Battle Royale modes can also see a lot of XP and Battle Stars come their way. Most of the time, this is possible by collecting and using only the rarest weapons on the map. For Chapter 3 Season 3, the season has brought five exotic weapons that can be purchased with gold and some mythic weapons that can be rewarded by planting Reality Seeds.

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