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What is whiplash in Fortnite? read here

What is whiplash in fortnite - There are constantly challenges and quests related to whiplash. While the game itself doesn't have any real obvious markers or indications of what a whiplash actually is in Fortnite, we're here to answer that for you. We also know of a great location to find a Whiplash that should help during any future challenges.

Fortnite Whiplash Explained

What is whiplash in Fortnite? read here

Whiplash is a type of drivable vehicle. Specifically, it is one of those sports cars that you can see all over the map, they are the ones that resemble a Lamborghini. While the 800 health is nice to have, the fact that there are only two seats in a Whiplash makes it a poor choice in everything besides Solos and Duos.

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Where to find a whiplash

What is whiplash in Fortnite? read here

The best for an almost guaranteed Whiplash spawn is to drop at the gas station across the river and northeast of Rocky Reels. This is not a very popular landing spot, so you should be on your own.

The garage around the corner from the gas station should have a Whiplash whenever you need it. There's also a good chance of finding a set of off-road tires and a cowcatcher to make the found Whiplash that much more versatile.

That's all you'll ever need to know about what a whiplash is and where to find one in Fortnite. Be sure to check out more of our Fortnite coverage, including our list of the best Tycoon codes, as well as a rundown on how to take down wooden pine trees with a buzzsaw launcher.

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