Destiny fortnite skin, Destiny 2 Fortnite skin leaked ahead of Bungie's Lightfall event

Destiny 2 fortnite - It looks like Bungie is preparing to add it to Fortnite for the Destiny 2 skin. After Fortnite leaker Mida Rado A possible Destiny 2 collaboration was teased over the weekend, Zinser - a famous Destiny Dataminer - has confirmed the crossover with an image. very classic looking. Fortnite in Destiny 2 skin.

Destiny fortnite skin, Destiny 2 Fortnite skin leaked ahead of Bungie's Lightfall event

The image, which was likely sourced from Bungie's website, includes a Titan armor set that looks similar to the Black Knight skin that can be originally obtained from the Season Pass. Fortnite Season 2 destiny A warlock is also shown wearing a Fortnite-like drift skin, and he looks a lot like a hunter. Fortnite Omega Skin.

It's unclear how Destiny 2 players will be able to obtain these Fortnite skins, or when they'll be part of the game. More than likely the Fortnite Universal Jewels will be on the skin. Destiny 2, so players can apply them to any armor set and customize characters. Rumors also suggest that Fortnite can also get your destiny skins, and there are so many characters that Bungie could potentially put in the Fortnite world.


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This isn't the first time Bungie has added Destiny 2 crossover content. Bungie celebrated its 30th anniversary with special content including Hello– inside as a Destiny 2 weapon. 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2Released late last year, Loot Shooter featured a battle rifle-like pulse with a Magnum-like sidearm.

This Fortnite cross-leak comes just days before Bungie reveals Season 18 of Destiny 2, and another big expansion to the franchise: Lightfall. Bungie has scheduled Destiny 2 Shows on Tuesday, August 23 at 9am. m. PT / 12 p.m. m. ET This is the first big Destiny 2 performance from Sony bought Bungie for $3.7 billion earlier this year.

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