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Is Elon Musk buying Fortnite, is this a rumor?

elon musk buying fortnite - Rumors are circulating once again that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is buying Fortnite, but is there any truth to them? Why did the speculations start? We break it all down below.

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the biggest games on the planet right now, with millions of players logging in every week to try and claim a Victory Royale. After some lull, Chapter 3 has brought the game back to life, bringing in high-profile crossovers like the Dragon Ball Super anime, and Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is reportedly coming soon.

Is Elon Musk buying Fortnite, is this a rumor?

With popularity reaching far beyond the realm of gaming, it's no surprise that Fortnite sometimes catches the eye of some of the biggest names on the planet. But one of the strangest rumors is that SpaceX founder Elon Musk is buying the Battle Royale.  So is Elon Musk buying Fortnite? He keeps reading and we explain everything to you.

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Is Elon Musk buying Fortnite?

At the time of writing, no, Elon Musk is not buying Fortnite or Epic Games as a whole. The billionaire has not publicly announced any plans to bid for the company and take control of Fornite.

Instead, 'Elon Musk buys' is an internet meme that has resurfaced in large part due to Musk's public intent to buy Twitter in early 2022. Following the news, several posts went viral joking that Musk was buying from everything from the moon to country music.

The same man even joined in on the fun on August 17, hilariously claiming that he was going to buy Manchester United Football Club. All that said, the rumors of Elon Musk buying Fortnite, specifically, have much older origins.

Elon Musk buys Fortnite trend explained

The trend of Elon Musk buying Fortnite dates back to a 2018 tweet, where Musk referenced a fake article titled: "Elon Musk buys Fortnite and deletes it." The piece also features a joke quote from Musk that reads, "I had to save these kids from eternal virginity."

The headline and quote were clearly a parody, and Musk got into the act by replying, "I had to, welcome back."

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This nearly four-year-old tweet has made quite an impact, with gamers outside the circuit regularly wondering if the tech mogul is really looking to buy Fortnite or Epic Games. This is the reason why from time to time he will see a peak of questions about trends.

Fortunately, as far as we know, Fortnite is safe and Elon Musk has no intention of buying it and removing it.

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