Lady Gaga in fortnite, Lady Gaga could star in the next concert in Fortnite

Lady Gaga fortnite - Right now Lady Gaga is getting ready to continue the stadium stage of her Chromatica Ball tour. After all, the interpreter has scheduled dates in Japan for this September 3 and 4.

But although after those shows Gaga will return to the United States to offer shows in cities like Los Angeles and Miami, a rumor maintains that apart from all that the singer could appear in nothing more and nothing less than Fortnite.

Lady Gaga in fortnite, Lady Gaga could star in the next concert in Fortnite
For the past several years, Fortnite has been home to several virtual concerts from artists like Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and J Balvin. But while a potential appearance of Gaga in the game would not be unusual, it has not been confirmed so far.

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In fact, at the moment there are only suspicions about a Lady Gaga concert in Fortnite and those conjectures are based on leaks such as an emote nicknamed "Jug Band" that would involve 4 players and sounds quite similar to "Poker Face".

In addition, in the context of the "Rainbow Royale" event, the tournament that aims to celebrate the LGBTQIA + community and will add characters such as Dreamer from DC to the game, Gaga will be part of the artists that will be available on the Fortnite radio, as confirmed by Epic. Games.

And although it would be easy to believe that all this could point to something simpler like a Gaga skin or simply an acknowledgment of the artist by the game, it is necessary to remember that some time ago the leakers found elements that pointed to plans for another concert in the videogame.

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"Rainbow Royale" will start this September 1 in Fortnite, so we just have to wait to see if this rumor about Lady Gaga has any support or not.

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