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Rocket League Fortnite in the battle royale of Epic Games

Rocket league challenges fortnite - Thanks to a new update, Fortnite players will be able to drive a Rocket League car. But not only.

A speedster and Rocket League missions in Fortnite

Rocket League Fortnite in the battle royale of Epic Games

Expert in the art of organizing temporary events to re-engage his community, Fortnite was looking for a new ally. This time, the Battle Royale called… Rocket League. From now until December 3 at 16:00, you can play and perform stunts with the Octane car.

" Octane is unique in Fortnite. This rocket-powered car can reach supersonic speeds, climb walls, and even fly! While airborne, the Octane can perform stunts like double jumps and dodges to quickly traverse terrain. With a little practice, these techniques will allow you to seize entire sections. Use your turbo wisely! "

The speedster also adds high-octane missions in Battle Royale, Zero Build modes, and on islands in the high-octane row, to earn XP and get new items in Fortnite. Depending on the number of missions completed, the rewards will not be the same.

  • Completed two high-octane missions: Skateboard Back Bling Air Assist style (and Skateboard Back Bling), Mid-Air Shot emote
  • Completed four high-octane missions: Skateboard Back Attachment Beach Umbrella Style, Shot d'Octane Spray
  • Six high-octane missions completed: The rocket-style rear skateboard.
  • Eight High-Octane Missions Completed: Fifty-Fifty Back Bling Skateboarding, Decisive Victory Pickaxe


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Bonuses that do not only apply to Fortnite since by completing eight tasks, you will have these objects in Rocket League and Sideswipe: Whiplash car and wheels, Flames, Bands, Wings and Lightning stickers.

A new Rocket League island

Another novelty of this crossover: the Rocketeer Ruins island. It will be up to you to maneuver well, put on the turbo and fly towards the target to seize it.

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