Deep Brine Slime Rancher 2, How to Get Deep Brine Slime Rancher 2

How to get deep brine in slime rancher 2  -  Slime Rancher's Slime Science system allows players to build all sorts of useful items and Deep Brine is required for some recipes.

Slime Rancher's Slime Science system allows players to create useful gadgets and items that help them breed Slimes. Many of the Slime Science creations require the use of Deep Brine as an ingredient, and this guide will explain how to get hold of this useful resource.

Slime Rancher is a first person life simulation adventure game developed and published by Monomi Park. The game follows Beatrix Lebeau as she starts a new life in the Far Far Range, raising a wide variety of slimes to harvest her plants for various purposes.

Option 1: build and deploy bombs

Deep Brine Slime Rancher 2,  How to Get Deep Brine Slime Rancher 2

Slime Science allows players to build a number of resource gathering devices that can be deployed in the Far Far Range to gather resources, such as the Drill, Apiary, and Pump. These come in a variety of different qualities and can be deployed to harvest resources from a region. 


Each extractor takes 12 in-game hours to complete a single cycle. Higher quality extractors go through more cycles before breaking and have a better chance of extracting higher quality resources.

The pump is the extractor needed to acquire Deep Brine, and can be crafted using 10 Pink Plorts, 6 Brindle Plorts, and 3 Boom Plorts. Higher quality bombs will allow for more efficient harvesting, but since Deep Brine is a common resource, there shouldn't be much of a problem acquiring it using the basic bomb. 


Acquiring the Beginner Bomb Blueprint requires players to gain access to the Ranch Lab Expansion by paying a new $10,000 and then spend a new $500 to unlock the blueprint in the Builder's Shop.

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Once players have access to a bomb, Deep Brine can be acquired by deploying the bomb on The Dry Reef. This is the only location where the pump will produce deep brine.

Option 2: treasure pods

Deep Brine Slime Rancher 2,  How to Get Deep Brine Slime Rancher 2

Another way to get Deep Brine in Slime Rancher is to get it from treasure pods. There are a number of treasure pods in the lab and dry reef, and one in the ancient ruins that will grant deep brine when opened, though this will, of course, require players to get enough quality treasure cracker upgrades to open. each pod. 


Treasure Cracker upgrades are unlocked once enough devices have been crafted in the lab, with the MKII unlocked at 20 devices and the MKIII at 50.

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