When is The Kid LAROI concert in Fortnite || What time does the kid laroi concert start

When is the kid laroi event fortnite - Fortnite and The Kid LAROI are teaming up for an in-game concert to see the Australian singer introduce three previously unreleased songs to the world. The singer will also be joining the Fortnite Icon Series with two outfits up for grabs, so fans of the singer won't want to miss out on that.

How to watch The Kid LAROI concert in Fortnite

The concert will take place on Friday, January 27 at 6 p.m. m. ET. At that point, players will queue up at The Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams Island and join in the festivities. If it looks anything like the previous concerts, all other modes will be closed, leaving players with no choice but to channel to watch the concert. No matter the case, Fortnite will make it very clear to players where to go once the concert arrives.

When is The Kid LAROI concert in Fortnite || What time does the kid laroi concert start

How to join The Kid LAROI concert in Fortnite

Joining the show will be as simple as queuing at the event once it goes live. In the past, lobbies were opened early to allow players to arrive early. Epic says this will be an immersive experience, so players will likely interact with various objects around them, much like the Ariana Grande and Travis Scott concerts that Fortnite has released before.

Once the concert is over, players can continue the party on the Afterparty island. This special experience will give players even more things to do and allow them to learn more about the singer himself.

How to join The Kid LAROI's wild dreams after party in Fortnite

The concert will take place in Laroitown, a new cyber city experience built for Fortnite, and the Afterparty will also take place here. The event starts after the concert, so players shouldn't have to do anything more than hang out for a few seconds after the show.

In Afterparty, players will hear more music from The Kid LAROI while completing missions. Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams missions will reward players with free XP and cosmetics, and will be live from the start of the concert until February 3rd. The island will be available until April 27, so players who want to continue visiting even without the challenges will have that as an option. It can be accessed in creative mode through the island code 4294-0410-6136.

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All rewards for joining The Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams Island in Fortnite

Players who aren't fans of the Australian singer still have plenty of reasons to attend the concert. It will be a great source of XP to start with and will also give players various free cosmetics including the following:

  • Love and Thousand Miles Lobby Clues
  • The LAROI and El PĂ­caro loading screen
  • LAROI was here and the LAROI label aerosols

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For those willing to spend a little money, there will be two Item Shop packs that come with the singer's skin and back. Players who play The Kid LAROI Cup can unlock a banner icon and an emote.

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