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Jaeger family basement Fortnite, How to find the Jaeger family basement

Where is jaegers basement in fortnite - Fortnite is currently in the middle of Chapter 4 Season 2, and has finally made his promotional outfit available for Battle Pass owners to earn by completing various challenges. This season's character costume is Eren Jaeger, protagonist of the Attack on Titan anime and manga, and comes with other themed cosmetic items.

Jaeger family basement Fortnite, How to find the Jaeger family basement

These additional items can be obtained by completing specific challenges, with one including a very specific reference to the show/manga. The challenge involves finding the Jaeger family basement on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. This guide will help players travel directly to the basement without having to search everywhere for it.

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Location of the Jaeger family basement in Fortnite

The challenge that appears in the quest menu gives an idea of where the basement is. It is located in Plaza del Yunque, the small town located near the middle of the map. There are many buildings in Anvil Square, but luckily the basement isn't hidden enough to make players go door to door.

The specific building that contains the basement is the two-story house in the southeast corner of Anvil Square. The house contains a courtyard leading to an entrance and another set of stairs within an open alcove.

Completing the mission

Jaeger family basement Fortnite, How to find the Jaeger family basement

The basement will be located inside the alcove on the right side of the house. Just walk into the alcove, and there will be a different set of stairs on the left that goes down to the basement. All players need to do is walk through the basement door to activate the mission as completed.

There are no items to interact with or other objectives that need to be completed. Just physically being in the basement is enough, making this quest perfect to complete at the start of a match before other players can prepare beforehand.

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The quest will reward players with the Basement Key Bling and progress towards Eren Jaeger's outfit. While the mission is a direct reference to the Jaeger family basement in the anime/manga, there are no spoilers attached to the objective that would reveal plot points for players unfamiliar with the source material.

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