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How to get free Spider-Man Fortnite cosmetics hidden missions

Fortnite miles morales website - Fortnite celebrates the imminent arrival of the Miles Morales skins, and it does so with a hidden event that we will not find in the game, called spider battles, and that provides us with secret missions with which to get a good batch of free Spider-Man cosmetics .


How to get free Spider-Man Fortnite cosmetics hidden missions!

This end of Chapter 4 – Season 2 is crazy between the Goku Black skins, the Attack on Titan setting itself, and now the arrival of Spider-Man. Which is just one of the many promos that could arrive this year in the form of collaborative skins. Waiting for other very close ones like One Piece skins.

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Of course, do not expect to get a free skin. What we can do is use our spider sense these days to get rewards in the game. Only accessible if we enter the Epic Games website, so the average user who enters Fortnite will miss out on this opportunity.

How to get free rewards from spider battles in Fortnite

  1. Access the Spider Battles portal and register with our Epic Games account.
  2. Choose the Miles team or the 2099 team. Depending on the choice, we will receive some rewards or others, when fighting for our team in the games, since the winning team dictates what reward everyone receives.
  3. 40 points to get all the rewards

         Every day we will have to play games to get points by completing missions:

  • Day 1 (May 18): 1 point for each elimination – reward: team spray
  • Day 2 (May 19): 1 point per 100 damage to opponents – reward: team emote
  • Day 3 (Unlocks on May 20)
  • Day 4 (Unlocks on May 21)
  • Day 5 (Unlocks on May 22)

Five days in which we will have to actively participate, since the goal is 40 points among all the missions, and that will guarantee us rewards that we have not claimed from previous days, as well as special gestures and a Spider-Ham pickaxe.

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