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How to disable automatic translation of web pages in Google Chrome

How to Turn Off Translate web pages in Google Chrome -  On occasion, Google Chrome's automatic translator is sometimes very inaccurate and annoying if it automatically translates a page into a language that you already know, therefore, this time we will teach you how to disable the automatic translation of pages in Google Chrome, let's get started

How to disable automatic translation of web pages in Google Chrome

How to change auto translator settings

There are several ways through which you can change Google Chrome's auto translator settings, regardless of your platform, these procedures are quite simple. However, it won't be linked to your Google account, so if you disabled translator on the PC version, you'll have to do it again on your iOS or Android device.

Before starting, you need to know what version of Google Chrome is installed on your device (PC, Android or iOS) because older versions of the browser do not allow access to certain configuration options, so it is important that you have the latest one. Google Chrome version, that being said, below we will describe the process to disable automatic translation on any Chrome platform:


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How to turn off automatic translation in Google Chrome


On the website

If you are using a version of Google Chrome for computers (both on MacOS and Windows) and when entering a page you are asked if you want to automatically translate the page to the language your operating system uses, you have two options to change the configuration:

  1. Via tabs: The tab that will ask if you want to automatically translate the page allows you to choose the language you want to use for translating the web and at the bottom you can press the box 'Always translate from *language*' for e.g. 'Always translate English' or delete to change this setting, clicking on the three dots button in the corner of this tab will take you to more advanced settings which we will cover in the next step.
  2. Via Chrome settings: If instead of waiting to be inside a website in another language to change translator settings via a tab, you can do so via the program settings for that:
  • Open your Google Chrome program, then go to the top right corner and press the button with three dots to open the options menu, there select 'Settings' to enter a new tab
  • Inside 'Settings' go to 'Advanced settings' and then 'Language' There you can disable the option 'Translate languages I can't read' (which you haven't set as primary or secondary language, like either In that tab you can add languages which you can handle by entering it in the 'Never translate from' section. You can also change Chrome's default language

Inside Android device

The process of disabling Google Chrome's automatic translator on Android is even simpler than on a computer, however, the language must be configured individually. Remember to install the latest version of the app or update Google Chrome on your phone. You have to:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser application
  2. In it, click on the search bar located at the top of the screen and enter a page in a language other than the one specified by your phone, for example a page in English if your default language is Spanish
  3. Once you have accessed the page, you will be asked if you want to translate the page, you can select 'Yes' or 'No' as well as check the box 'Always translate automatically from' or 'Never translate from' followed by the name of the language word , . You can configure these options however you want and they will always be that way, unless you want to change them using the next step.
  4. Press 'Settings' represented by an icon with three vertical buttons on the top right of the screen, in the menu that will open press 'Language'
  5. Then hit 'Translation settings and finally tick or uncheck the 'Show options for sending pages in other languages to Google Translate' box to enable or disable automatic translation


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Thus the information that can be shared about how to disable automatic translation of web pages in Google Chrome, I hope this post is useful for you, thank you

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