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How to download subtitles from YouTube videos, read here

How to download subtitles from YouTube videos - The subtitles contained in YouTube videos cannot be downloaded directly from the platform itself. Either from the website or from the apps for iOS or Android, this possibility is not available to those who need to have this text.

Fortunately, there are several web pages that provide this service, one of them being Savesubs. The resulting file can be of the SRT type, the most common in terms of subtitles, but also in TXT, a plain text format, which can be handled from any text editor.

How to download subtitles from YouTube videos, read here

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To extract the subtitles from a YouTube video, you must first have the URL link of the video itself, since this will be the information that will be provided to Savesubs so that it can access said data.

On the Savesubs website there is a box where you can include the URL of the video, the process being as simple as clicking on the "Extract and Download" button. When the process is completed, the web will show the different subtitles that are available associated with the video, as well as the languages ​​in which they appear.

Only if the video does not have subtitles will the option to download the subtitles generated automatically by YouTele (if the original video has that option) will appear, although in these cases it must be taken into account that due to the automated process speech recognition there may be errors in the text. Finally, the option of the type of file in which you want to download the text (SRT, VTT or TXT) is offered to proceed to save it.

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