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Solution to Aura missions in Fortnite season 3 | Where is aura located in fortnite

Where is aura located in fortnite - After a long wait, we definitely already have a large part of the missions of this season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 4 available, and with it a new map to explore.
We not only have daily quests and weekly quests, but also Aura quests that take us on a narrative adventure to locate the mysterious chalice.

There are exactly four great missions in which we must explore, locate different elements and defeat enemies, and it is the most interesting thing about this beginning of Season 3 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite.
For this, we offer you all the solutions to the Aura missions of the mysterious chalice of this season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 4, so that you can take each of the rewards.

Solution to Aura missions in Fortnite season 3: field notes, petroglyphs and the mysterious chalice
In total we have four missions and some very simple extra phases. We point out the main places that you will visit in these Aura missions:

Solution to Aura missions in Fortnite season 3 | Where is aura located in fortnite

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Steal Field Notes on the Mysterious Chalice (5)

To do this we must go right to the Fallen City area, which is northeast of the Citadel. If you have the mission active, it is marked directly on the map with an exclamation point.

  • As soon as you land, next to several wooden boxes, you will be able to interact with a red box that has a book and a magnifying glass on top. It's one of the notes.
  • From the previous one, we move to Arroyo Amalgama which is to the southeast of the previous box that we have found. You have a note in the fenced area along with other wooden boxes.
  • From the previous one, go a little north to locate a small base where you will find another box with the notes.
  • We continue from the previous one, and we go to the largest base in all of Arroyo Amalgama, and as soon as we enter through one of the main doors, on the right, you have another box.
  • We leave Arroyo Amalgama, we go on foot to the south, until we locate a small base where we find the remaining box.

Report to Aura to help you find the Chalice of Cubic Catastrophe

Just find Aura and talk to her to activate the next quest.

Investigate petroglyphs in Wooded Settlement to help find the Mysterious Chalice (4)

We go to the Wooded Settlement that you already have marked on the map and you have to find up to four petroglyphs. You have exactly the Wooded Settlement southwest of Amalgam Creek, they are very close together.

  • You have the first petroglyph right at the first N of "settlement" on the map, next to some rocks.
  • We have the second petroglyph to the south of Arroyo Amalgama, next to the waterfall that you will see very easily.
  • You have the third petroglyph just below the second E for "settlement" on the map, in a corner next to a stone wall.
  • From the previous one, go up a little to the north, straight ahead, scale a small stone wall, and you will find the remaining petroglyph.

Bring the sketches of the petroglyphs to Aura

Find Aura to report what happened so that you can activate the next mission.

Find the chalice using the Aura map

To do this, we must go to the area of the map that will have been indicated to us, and if not, it is just northwest of Arroyo Amalgama, and it is a kind of temple.

To enter the temple we will be told that we must deliver a valid object. It would have to be a blue rarity item such as a rare high juice.

We continue advancing and we will find another door that asks for an object more valuable than the previous one. It doesn't matter if you pass or not, what we have to do is throw yourself to the floor below where you will have a lot of chests.

However, we must focus on the altar that requires us to deposit 100 gold bars for the chest containing the mysterious chalice to open.

With that we will get the chalice and it will change the appearance of our character.

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Return the chalice of cubic catastrophe

So we simply look for Aura's location and give her the mysterious chalice to complete the quest.

With this you have already completed all the Aura missions of season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 4, to take all the rewards.

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