How to Locations Valberry Genshin Impact and How to Grow Valberry Genshin Impact

How to find valberry in genshin impact - Genshin Impact Valberry locations are hard to find, but you'll need a few of them if you plan on leveling up certain Mondstadt characters.

Valberry only grows in one corner of the Mondstadt region. Plants are small and easy to miss, but once you have a few and progress further in the game, you can farm Valberry to make harvesting much easier.

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How to  Locations Valberry Genshin Impact and How to Grow Valberry Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Valberry – What is Valberry used for?

Valberry is Ascension material for three characters:

  • Rosary
  • Noelle
  • Lisa

You will also need Valberry to create red dye, which is used in a number of recipes for crafting items in the Serenitea Pot.

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Genshin Impact Valberry Locations – Where to find Valberry Genshin Impact

How to  Locations Valberry Genshin Impact and How to Grow Valberry Genshin Impact

Valberry only grows in the Stormbearer region of Mondstadt. Even then, you'll only find a few plants lying around, but each one has four fruits. Later Ascensions may require a few days to get what you need, though if you're only interested in crafting, it's enough to make several batches of dye.

The surrounding areas also have some pine cones lying around on the ground, so be sure to pick them up to use in recipes.

If you come across Chloris, the curious florist, she also has five Valberry's for sale. They cost 1,000 Mora each, and they restock after three days.

Genshin Impact Valberry farm

Since Valberry is a local specialty item, it has a two-day respawn timer. However, once you unlock the Realm Within in Chapter 1, you can purchase the Jade Field farmland for 300 Realm Currency at the Realm Depot.

Then buy Valberry seeds from the warehouse or harvest Valberry with the Seed Dispensary device equipped - you'll get this after reaching Inazuma reputation rank 3 - and plant them in the Jade Field. The growth time is the same as the wild Valberry's natural respawn time, but it's a useful way to increase the number of Valberry's you can get.

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If you're working on leveling up other characters in Genshin Impact, check out our guides for some of the latest Ascension materials. You'll need Sakura Bloom for Ayaka, Crystal Marrow for Sayu, Sango Pearl for Kokomi, and a lot of Spectral Husk for Aloy and Gorou.

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