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How to buy and capture more ships in Starfield, Read here

How to board ships starfield - While it can be fun to get to the surfaces of different planets and explore, the expanse of space means that spending time on a ship will always be a fun time in Starfield. Of course, making sure the ship chosen is the right one will always make things better, and is a crucial aspect of the game that players need to understand as soon as possible.


This guide on how to buy and capture more ships in Starfield will provide this precise information.

Buy more ships at Starfield

As the Starfield universe becomes more familiar to players, it will be necessary to upgrade or get better ships. Those who have a lot of money will easily achieve this if they head to one of the major cities that can be found in the installed systems. This includes groups like Cydonia, Jemison, Gagarin and many others, where a Naval Services Technician is always available at the spaceport.

How to buy and capture more ships in Starfield, Read here

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Talking to these people will open up several options, such as customization, repairs, and the possibility of purchasing a completely new boat. There will often be several options to buy, so choose wisely before parting with those hard-earned credits. Also, be sure to tour the galaxy to fully understand what's on sale before committing.

Capturing ships in Starfield

If the idea is not to spend credits, then capturing ships will be a skill that will have to be mastered during any adventure in Starfield. It may seem great to blow up an enemy ship with excellent flying and combat skills, but it would be a waste to let all those valuable resources go to waste, which is where boarding and capture come into play.

For this to be possible, players must first meet the following conditions:

  • Get the Targeting Control Systems skill.
  • Destroy the target ship's engines.
  • Dock and board the ship, killing all enemy fighters inside.
  • For higher class vessels, which have the required piloting skills.

How to buy and capture more ships in Starfield, Read here


Having the Target Control skill will allow players to lock on to an enemy ship, and later ranks will increase damage and reduce lock-on time. Once in combat, use aiming mode to take out the shields first, before moving on to the engines. Reduce the integrity of the engines to zero while ensuring that the overall condition of the boat remains good and it will become a valuable asset. When you encounter multiple ships, only the last remaining ship can be boarded.

Once inside, hunt down the living enemies and don't forget to loot any valuable items you can find. Contraband can be sold for considerable profits, so keep your eyes peeled. Once this is done, head to the pilot's seat and decide whether you want to capture the ship or not. The captured ship will be temporarily designated as the original ship when quickly traveling to another system, and can then be sold at a profit after paying the registration fee.

How to buy and capture more ships in Starfield, Read here

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With all the vital information on how to buy and capture more ships in Starfield, the galaxy has become an easier place to make a living. For more help, find out how to clear outposts or how to buy a house. For everything else, be sure to check out emagtrends for more tips and information on the game.

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