Akila city starfield, Akila City exploit in Starfield lets you loot a store for free every 24 hours

Akila city starfield - In the world of Starfield, a new exploit has appeared that opens the door to free enrichment outside of Aquila City. This clever trick allows you to rob stores without negative consequences and even gives you the opportunity to return to them after 24 hours to “shop” again. Details about this lopsided opportunity were provided by a Twitter user named Jaime MorĂ¡n, who shared a video tutorial showing the entire process of looting a store.

Akila city starfield, Akila City exploit in Starfield lets you loot a store for free every 24 hours

Although this problem can be easily solved, there are still some subtleties, including the need to find the right tent and the right puddle in front of it.

This exploit, like “a million credits per hour,” becomes an invaluable tool for those who desire financial success within the world of Starfield games.

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To use the Akila City Starfield exploit, travel to Akila City and explore the shops surrounded by puddles. As shown in the video, this works at Shepherd's General Store.

Once you have found the right place, carefully move around your character and head towards the puddle at a certain angle to open the store inventory.

Once the inventory is available, select all the items and “buy” them without paying anything. Then return to the shop owner and sell your items to him.

This process can be repeated every 24 hours during game time. If you don't have enough credits in Starfield, keep looting and getting rich.

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However, for those looking for a complete and unique Starfield RPG experience, it is recommended that you refrain from using these types of exploits. They can ruin the magic of the game and kill the flavor of the adventure you are looking for. No amount of riches can compare to the true pleasure of immersing yourself in the world of Starfield!

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