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How to Use Charms in Elden Ring | How to get enchantments in Elden Ring

How to use incantations elden ring -To obtain Enchantments in Elden Ring we must buy them from a very easy to identify character. Like us, surely many of you have already obtained your copy of Elden Ring, the new From Software and Bandai Namco, and you are immersed in completing this complicated and, at the same time, exciting adventure. To make the task a little easier, we will explain in this article what must be done to cast Enchantments in Elden Ring and how to get them.

How to Use  Charms in Elden Ring  | How to get enchantments in Elden Ring

If you're a fan of Hidetaka Miyazaki's works and Souls-style games, we're sure you already know more or less something about Charms, but pay close attention, because there's a lot of new stuff to watch out for.

First of all, say that the Enchantments of Elden Ring are quite different from the Miracles of the company's previous games. The spells we used at a certain Faith level were mostly based around healing, ability buffs, and damaging Undead. On the other hand, in Elden Ring we find a combination of Miracles and Pyromancies with much more variety.

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Without a doubt, we are talking about some very useful abilities, since you will not only be able to heal yourself, but they can also make your options in combat much more varied. Of course, to be able to use them, you will have to choose a class that is prepared for it or progress enough in the game to be able to find the Charms merchant and buy the seal that allows you to use them.

Before using Charms: What classes have Charms?

Of all the classes you have available when you start the game in Elden Ring, there are 2 that allow you to use Charms. The first of all is the Prophet, who at the beginning has the Healing Charm. As his name indicates, he heals the character and any companions who are nearby. In addition, it also has Catch the Flame, which creates a burst of fire perfect for damaging enemies.

How to Use  Charms in Elden Ring  | How to get enchantments in Elden Ring

On the other hand, we have the Confessor class, which has Urgent Healing, which makes the character recover a small amount of life, and Assassin's Strategy, to silence our steps and reduce damage and sound from falling, which is quite useful, especially when we want to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Tips to get Enchantments in Elden Ring

To get new Charms and be able to use them during our adventure, we can get them through the merchant that will be available once we reach the Round Table. You will easily distinguish him, since he is exactly the same as a Prophet character, in fact, you will see how he also has a wheel around his neck. He calls himself Brother Corhyn and sells the Charms, but not the Seals.

How to Use  Charms in Elden Ring  | How to get enchantments in Elden Ring

For these, also in the Round Table area, you will find a room with two somewhat decrepit figures of women. If you interact with them, a menu will open where you can get basic weapons and different items. Here you can find the Seal of Fingers for only 800 runes.

How to use Enchantments Elden Ring

To perform any Enchantment you need Seals, which can be purchased, as we have already mentioned, at the Round Table. Depending on your class, you may start your game already with one.

How to Use  Charms in Elden Ring  | How to get enchantments in Elden Ring

Once you have everything and you are resting in a Place of Grace, select “Memorize Spell”, equip the enchantments you want to cast, exit the menu and press L1 or R1 to cast them. You'll be able to see your selection in the item menu, and if you want to toggle between your equipped spells, just press up on the D-pad.

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By following these steps, you are now ready to distribute tow (or endure the tow that the enemies throw at you a little longer).

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