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Where to find neon in Starfield | What system is neon in starfield

Where is neon in starfield - Starfield comes equipped with a huge star map full of places you can visit, all with their various advantages and quirks. One city you might hear of is Neon, which might also mean something to you if you choose Neon Street Rat as one of your traits. If you're looking to experience this lawless concrete jungle for yourself, here's how to find neon in Starfield.

In which star system can you find neon?

If you are looking for Neon City, you will need to reach the Volii system and you will want to reach the planet Volii Alpha. To find the Volii system, you will need to cross the star map to the right of Olympus and Aranae. Depending on where you've been, you may need to jump to somewhere like Olympus first before you can make your way to Volii from there..

Where to find neon in Starfield | What system is neon in starfield

Once you head towards Volii, set a course for Volii Alpha, the second planet from the star. Your ship will be scanned for security before you can land on the storm planet, but you can then make your way to the city as long as you don't have to worry about smuggling.

Once you walk through the gates and onto the bright streets of Neon, you'll find several different places to go from there, depending on your activity in the city. You can stay in the main Neon Hub, where you'll find plenty of shops and businesses, or you can wander down to Ebbside to get a taste of what the darker side of the city is like.

Also note that the Neon Street Rat trait will probably be most useful while you're in Neon, as you'll have a solid amount of experience getting familiar with the ins and outs of the city. The characters will trust you more based on the things you can talk about from your past and the people you meet.

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That's really all there is to finding neon in Starfield. The star map is easy enough to navigate once you've already connected a system, but if you haven't been there yet, you'll just have to jump from one star to the next.

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