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Starfield where to sell items, where all Trade Office locations

Starfield trade authority akila - As you progress through Starfield, you will often come across stolen and contraband items, and the best way to get rid of them is to sell them at the Trade Office. Things and goods related to Stoelna can give you additional rewards. Therefore, if you don't want to behave like a space criminal on the run, we recommend getting rid of them as soon as possible.

Starfield where to sell items, where all Trade Office locations

However, it should be noted that commercial office buildings are not easy to find. These shops are only available in limited locations on certain planets, and you'll need to head to these locations to sell your contraband.


So in this Starfield guide, we take a look at the location of the business offices in this latest RPG from Bethesda.

Where can I find Department of Commerce stores in Starfield?

New Atlantis in Jamison, Alpha Centauri system:
To get to the Trade Office building in New Atlantis, infiltrate the Well, which is located in the city. You will be taken by the MAST District elevator, which will give you access to the tunnel that leads to the shaft. After walking a bit, you will find a big sign of the Commercial Office.

Lair in the Wolf system:
This is a satellite that is located near Chthonia. You won't be scanned here, so it's a good place to sell contraband. In the central part is the building of the Administration of Commerce.

Cydonia in the solar system:
There is also a Commercial Office building located in the Mining Colonies. Go up the ramp until you see the Commercial Control sign near a small store.

Neon in the Volii Alpha system, Volii:

This is a restricted planet. To find the Trade Office building, go to the Volii Alpha system, Volii, and go to the left of the habitable zone. Take the elevator up and eventually you will find a store with a big sign to make it easier to find.

Akila in the Cheyenne system:
The Business Office building in Akila is behind Galbank. Once you find the bank, go behind it and you will see the Trade Office building.

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These locations are reliable outlets for selling contraband and other items you've purchased from Starfield.

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