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How to Cool the Heart - Blox Fruits Blood Fighting Style

Where is the new island in blox fruits - Blox Fruits' bloodthirsty fighting style is a coveted skill set that many players are eager to acquire. This unique fighting style offers a variety of powerful moves that can give you an advantage in combat. However, achieving this is not as simple as you might think. This guide will walk you through the steps to acquiring the Sanguine Fighting Style, from locating the trainer to meeting the requirements.

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How to get a new fighting style, Sanguine, in Blox Fruits Update 20

Getting the new fighting style in Blox Fruits, the Sanguine fighting style is not that easy. Finding the trainer is the easiest, but getting the requirements to learn it is completely complicated, since you need an item called Cold Heart.

How to Cool the Heart - Blox Fruits Blood Fighting Style

Finding the Trainer: Shafi's Hidden Location

The first step to acquiring the bloodthirsty fighting style is to find a trainer named Shafi. He is located on the new island, specifically on the left side of the dock. You will find a small grate; Hop on and head back to meet Shafi. This is where your journey to master the bloodthirsty fighting style begins.

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Requirements: level, money and fragments

Before you can learn the bloodthirsty fighting style, you must meet certain prerequisites. You must be at the maximum level, have approximately 2.5 million money and possess around 5000 fragments. Additionally, you'll need an item called Cold Heart, which brings us to the next step.

How to cool the heart in Blox Fruits

To get Cold Heart, you will have to defeat the Leviathan boss in Blox Fruits. We have a guide on the initial steps of this quest, along with where we think it may appear based on research, but the chance of finding the Leviathan is exceptionally low, or it may not even be in the game yet. What we assume is that you need to go out in rough seas and receive the level 6 warning with the ???? on your compass and explore this area. But here you will find many other things ready to attack you. Like the Terrorshark needed to get the Shark Anchor, for example, or the Ghost Ship maritime event.

We heard that you need Monster Magnet to increase your chances; However, this is not the case. The Monster Magnet is solely for the ability to drop the Shark Anchor, as it disappears from your inventory once you acquire this new sword.

Blood Fighting Style Moves

The bloodthirsty fighting style consists of several moves that are very effective in combat. The Z move is a dash attack similar to the God Human Z move called Scarlet Tear. It allows you to lunge at someone and knock them down a bit. Move X is called Bloodbane Drain. These moves are not only powerful but also versatile, making them essential for any combat situation.

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Acquiring the bloodthirsty fighting style in Blox Fruits involves a series of steps that require you to find a hidden trainer, complete specific prerequisites, and possibly defeat the rarest boss of all time. Once acquired, this fighting style offers a variety of powerful moves that can give you a significant advantage in combat.

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