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Where to find Cardboard Boxes and hide in Cardboard Boxes in Fortnite

Where to find boxes in fortnite - It's time to go into black ops mode as you work to complete Solid Snake's missions. What better hiding place than a Cardboard Box? Here's where to find some Mythic Crates and go stealth mode!

Cardboard Box Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5

The Cardboard Box is a mythical item in Fortnite Chapter 5, part of the collaboration with Solid Snake. You can use this item as a special disguise to blend in with your surroundings, but you'll need to find some first.

Where to find Cardboard Boxes and hide in Cardboard Boxes in Fortnite

Cardboard boxes are found pretty much anywhere loot is regularly generated: chests, ground loot, or downed players. However, it is a mythical item, which means the chances of finding it are much lower. They are most often found in rare chests, so I suggest searching inside the vaults. Vaults will almost always have at least one rare chest inside, so your chances of looting a cardboard box will be a little better than looting normal chests. I found a cardboard box right in the Unmoored Manor vault after opening the rare chest.

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How to use a cardboard box in Fortnite

The Cardboard Box will be a stack of five in your quick slot, and as a mythic item, it will recharge to five after a few minutes. To use a cardboard box, select it in your quick slot and press the aim button (LT/L2 on controllers or M2 on mouse) to see a blue outline where it will land. Then, press the fire button (RT/R2 on controllers or M1 on mouse) to throw it at that spot.

Once the box is down, you can use it as a hiding place or disguise. Approach it, press X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation or E on PC to hide inside. Like the Snowmandos, you will still be able to move while using it, but you will move much slower.

How to hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds in Fortnite

For your Solid Snake missions, you will need to use the Cardboard Box to hide for 10 seconds. The best way to do this is to find the perfect place to integrate. Since the box can be quite obvious outdoors, find a better location next to other decorations where you will be less visible.

Once you find a good spot, throw the Cardbox Box directly at your feet to automatically put it on as a disguise. Crouch while using the box to hide your legs and feet. Then, stay as still as possible so the players don't expect anything. Even if a player passes, don't shoot him until it's really necessary. When the 10 seconds are up and the mission is displayed as complete, jump up and pounce on your unsuspecting prey.

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The Cardboard Box can be very useful to hide and surprise your opponents, but you will have to do your part to avoid suspicion. Just like you're playing Prop Hunt, find a good spot to blend in, stand still, and cross your fingers that you won't be noticed.

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