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Slit scan filter || How to get Slit scan filter on Instagram

Slit scan Instagram filter - In this post the admin will share information about an Instagram filter called Slit scan Instagram filter. The Instagram application is a social media application that is most used in the world. Almost everyone already has Instagram, therefore when sharing information, photos and videos, many will see.

Slit scan filter || How to get  Slit scan filter on Instagram

Sharing photos and videos using effects or filters is indeed very trendy, especially on Instagram, and one of the filters that is currently viral is the Slit scan Instagram filter.

If we use the Instagram Slit scan filter, your video will look unique, because when you move something, for example the body, the scan will take place and you will look like a split, in essence the Slit scan Instagram filter results are almost the same when we use the Time warp scan Tiktok filters

If you are curious about the Slit scan filter inatgram, then you have to get it and try it yourself, then you will see the unique results of the video from the Slit scan filter Instagram.

How to get a slit scan filter on Instagram

Slit scan filter || How to get  Slit scan filter on Instagram
  1. Update your Instagram app so that I get the latest updates
  2. Open the updated Instagram application then enter the Instagram story
  3. Please scroll through the collection of filters that you have, and find the icon that says search effects
  4. In the search for effects, type 'Slit scan', and you will automatically see a lot of Slit scan filters
  5. Please select the Slit scan filter according to the type you want.
  6. Tap the filter Light scan of your choice
  7. Tap try if you want to try the Slit scan filter, and then tap Save effect to save the Slit scan filter
  8. Now do a video recording using the Slit scan filter, then share the video on your Instagram story.

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That's a short tutorial admin can share about how to get a slit scan filter on Instagram, I hope this post is useful for you, thank you

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