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How to Change Whatsapp keyboard language on Android and iPhone

How to Change Keyboard Language on Whatsapp Android and Iphone - WhatsApp is a communication tool used all over the world, where we can receive and send messages and pictures quickly, all through the internet. This application is in great demand, so downloading WhatsApp for a large number of people globally is useful, because with it there is permanent communication between acquaintances.

However, there is a set of configurations that we have to take into account in order to have a better utility in the application. Usually when downloading this app we have an immediate problem which is unambiguous language on the keyboard, something that is very important for someone who wants to communicate, so we have to find an adequate way to solve this problem.

How to Change Whatsapp keyboard language on Android and iPhone


This problem can occur due to factory reasons, as well as that the phone belongs to someone from another country, so it is necessary to change the language and find the right one. It is important that WhatsApp is always on hand and reaching out individually, so it is important for us to change the keyboard language and adapt the correct one.


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How to customize WhatsApp keyboard language on Android


Keyboard errors can occur in different types of phones, where the language is not the one shown for the person; Therefore, if you follow these steps, you will surely find a solution on your Android system. If the phone with the language problem is Android, the configuration process is very easy and simple, as you start by opening the app from the main panel in the settings.

Next, you need to click on the cell that says "Language and text input", then go to the language box. When entering options, you must select the language of your choice to correct the error. At the end of these steps, you just need to save and maintain the configuration continuously, this way will prevent the keyboard from showing the language change again in WhatsApp.

You can save multiple languages ​​on the keyboard if necessary, but to be able to change them depending on your needs, you can perform this action from the WhatsApp chat, by clicking on the icon that looks like a planet or world, where you can search for the dialect you want.

With these steps, I firmly believe that you will be able to solve your problem with WhatsApp keyboard on your Android easily, so that you can communicate and have the option to fix it.

How to Change keyboard language on your iPhone


When we talk about iPhone, we have to highlight a series of steps to deal with language change in WhatsApp keyboard. You should take into account that the changes you make will be applied to all the messaging apps you have on your phone. In fact, the first and foremost thing to do is go straight to the settings and configuration of the app.

In this case, you will get an option that focuses on keyboard details, where you have to enter the "General" section or box, where several options are opened, you will select "Keyboard". To finish by adding your new keyboard with modified language. In this option you can enter different languages, keep them as you wish when you want to use them in your chats or in your texts.

From the WhatsApp app on your iPhone, you can quickly change the language by following the suggestions given above. You can also take shortcuts by holding down the spacebar on the keyboard; and thus change it on the fly. Keep in mind that the iOS system offers more than 100 languages ​​for you to configure.

Can you change language WhatsApp Web ?


If you open WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop computer, you can perform any function as if you were using a mobile phone. It should be noted, this option is only available for Android systems. However, the option to change the language of this application on your computer is not possible.

This is mainly due to the fact that you have to use a computer keyboard, which is adapted to the language and input you are placing. However, if you change the settings on your PC, those changes may be possible; over WhatsApp it is not possible to activate this function directly. Then you go to settings, you go to language and input, you choose the language you want and that's it; the keyboard will automatically make changes and so will other applications on your computer.

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