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X Ray Filter Tiktok | How To Get Xrayvision filter tiktok

X Ray Filter Tiktok - In this post the admin will share information about how to get the Xrayvision filter Tiktok. When we use the X-Ray filter Tiktok , we will be able to see ourselves using x rays

X Ray Filter Tiktok | How To Get Xrayvision filter tiktok

Nowadays people are busy sharing videos of themselves using the X Ray Filter Tiktok. Maybe this is just a kind of trend or challenge Xrayvision tiktok. But regardless, it turns out that social media, especially TikTok, have shared a lot of videos using the Xrayvision Tiktok filter. Also read: How To Get Unexpected Error Tiktok Filter

If you want to enliven the Titkok application with #Xrayvision, then you must add the Tiktok X Ray Filter to your Tiktok filter collection. If you are still confused and ask about how to get X rayvision tiktok, then please refer to the tutorial below.

How To Get Xrayvision filter tiktok

  1. Open the TikTok application
  2. Tap search
  3. In search please type 'Xrayvision'
  4. Please tap a video, and tap the X-ray filter
  5. You will be directed to the X-ray fikter tiktok homepage
  6. Tap the recording icon, to enter recording mode
  7. Please tap and hold the middle icon to perform the recording process
  8. Share the recorded video to the Tiktok public or other social media


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This is the information that admin can share about how to get the X-rayvision filter Tiktok, hopefully this post is useful for you and you can get the Tiktok X-Ray filter like when you got the Neon Shadow Filter Tiktok

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