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How To Register Clubhouse

How To Register Clubhouse - The Clubhouse application is an audio-based social media application. In a short time the Clubhouse application was immediately virall and the tires were widely used, especially abroad such as Japan.

How To Register Clubhouse

Some people think that Clubhouse is a unique social media because besides being audio-based, the Clubhouse application is also private, but for more details, you should definitely try the Clubhouse application right away.

To be able to use the Clubhouse, you must have a Clubhouse account, and to have a Clubhouse account, we must first register. If you want to have a Clubhouse account then please read this post until it's finished

How To Download Clubhouse Application

If you want to use Clubhouse, we can't use it on Android for now, but in the future CEO from Clubhouse will likely launch it for Android. So to get a clubhouse you can download the Clubhouse application on the Apple App Store. because the temporary Clubhouse is only used for Iphone users.

How To Sign Up for Clubhouse / How To Login Clubhouse

To be able to log into the Clubhouse, you must download Clubhouse on the Apple App Store, then Register for Clubhouse after the registration process is complete, then you can only log in to Clubhouse.

How To Register Clubhouse

If you want to do a joint Clubhouse then you must have friends who are registered as Clubhouse users. Below are the steps you can take to register a Clubhouse:

  1. Make sure you and your friends must save each other's contacts who already have a Clubhouse account.
  2. Please now download the Clubhouse application from the App Store, then open the Clubhouse application.
  3. Now you press the Get you username button, then input your phone number. You have to make sure the number you enter has been saved by your friend who has a Clubhouse account.
  4. Now you enter the verification code sent by Clubhouse, then now you press the Next button.
  5. Then you can set up your Clubhouse account according to the instructions on your mobile screen.
  6. Please wait until your friend gets a notification that you have successfully installed Clubhouse. Then you instruct your friends to press the Let them in button on the notification so you can use the Clubhouse.


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That's a short tutorial on How to Register a Clubhouse, I hope this post is useful for you, and hopefully you can successfully register for Clubhouse and can use Clubhouse.

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