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Brie Larson fortnite and Tessa Thompson team up to play Fortnite

Brie Larson fortnite - Captain Marvel star and avid gamer Brie Larson takes fellow actress Tessa Thompson under her wing as she shows off her skills in Fortnite.

It may seem like Brie Larson has enough on her plate with a successful acting career and a breakout role in the MCU as Captain Marvel, but during the pandemic lockdown, she decided to establish a YouTube channel as well. Since the first video of her nine months ago, Larson has uploaded cooking tutorials, workouts, and of course a handful of game content as well. Her most recent addition to her channel sees her playing the hit game Battle Royale. Fortnite alongside her Avengers Endgame co-star, Tessa Thompson. 

Brie Larson fortnite and Tessa Thompson team up to play Fortnite

Larson is no stranger to video games, being a self-confessed gaming nerd from a young age and a huge fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Legend of Zelda series, and of course Fortnite. By her own admission, she "lost much of her life to [Fortnite]," having passed the 300 hour mark a few months after the pandemic, so it seemed totally appropriate to share that love with a friend and fellow actor, Thompson.  


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Although Larson ended up making all of the actual play on his Switch, showing off a variety of skins and other cosmetics, including, naturally, the Captain Marvel skin released last year, he encouraged Thompson to tell him where to go and what to do, and very Two goals were soon set: win a match and tame a wolf. Over the course of the ten-minute video, Larson introduces Thompson to the basics of the game, and while she is ingloriously dispatched by other players and a wandering wolf at times, the pair's goals are ultimately achieved.

It's a wonderfully healthy video with the two chatting casually as Larson wanders the map and doles death, and Thompson seems genuinely interested in seeing her friend play the game - at one point she reacts with silent shock to discover that four players had already dead. she seconds into the match, rounding out with a quiet "Oh no ... RIP." That said, in a few minutes, he's encouraging Larson to “perish him [sic]” when she encounters an AI-controlled enemy, so Fortnite's bloodlust is clearly quick to take hold.

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This is certainly not the last we'll see of Larson's gaming content. Early in the pandemic, he uploaded a video showing Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island while answering questions from fans, and last year he was the face of a marketing push from Nintendo for the Switch in the run-up to Christmas. , so there is likely much more to come.

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