How to get the shadow ruby ​​pack and items from the Street Shadow challenge pack in Fortnite

How to get shadow ruby ​​- Until June 17, 2021, the Street Shadows challenge pack for PC will be available on Fortnite. This collection presents new challenges and missions that allow us to get Ruby Shadow skins for free. We leave you everything you need to know about this offering for Season 6 Fortnite Chapter 2.

How to get the shadow ruby ​​pack and items from the Street Shadow challenge pack in Fortnite

How To Get Ruby Shadow skin for free

First, we have to log in with our account on the PC version of the game. Then, we go to the "Limited Time" section, in the goods shop. Here, we'll take a look at the Street Shadows challenge pack, which will appear free of charge.


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When we have a package, the missions that allow us to earn rewards will be activated. The challenge is not too complicated, so it will be very easy to get these cosmetic items.

  • Play with 5 friends

For this mission, we had to play five games from any game mode with at least one person from our Fortnite or Epic Games friends list. It's also a good opportunity to add and meet people, if they don't have friends on their list.
Prize: Blackout Bag Backpacking Accessory.

  • Survive 500 opponents

This mission asks us to live longer than 500 other players. Here we have to play several games to achieve the goal, it will depend on your ability to fulfill the mission with more or less games.
Reward: Heavenly Shadow Hang Glider.

  • Deals 100 points of damage to opponents

In some games in any game mode, we have to deal a total of 1,000 points of damage to the enemy. It will depend on your ability to complete missions with more or less play.
Prize: Shadow Brush Collection Tool

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  • Complete the Ruby Shadow mission

When we complete the previous mission, we will automatically fulfill this challenge and therefore we will get the Ruby Shadow skin.

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