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Telescopes fortnite - Where Fixing Broken Telescope in Chapter 2 Season 6

Repair Damaged Telescopes Fortnite - Here are all Fault Telescope locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 to complete the Omen Fortnite Challenge "Broken Telescope Repair".

We're still two weeks away from the launch of the new Fortnite season, Chapter 2 Season 7. We still have two weeks of challenge left for players to gain as much XP as possible before the end of the season. There are also three “Hardwood” NBA Creative Challenges that will give players 50,000 XP each season 6 xp.

In today's update, Epic Games is also updating the Omen mission which was originally added to the archive in the v16.40 update two weeks ago. Two of these challenges will be launched at 3 pm. BST (10 a.m. ET) and will give players 24,000 each season 6 xp. There are a total of five Omen missions, and we hope that the other three challenges will launch in the next three days of the week.

Telescopes fortnite - Where Fixing Broken Telescope in Chapter 2 Season 6

One of the challenges required players to repair a damaged telescope in Fortnite. Here are the locations of all the damaged telescopes in Fortnite to help you complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

Location oF the Damaged Fortnite Telescope

There are several broken telescopes you can find around the Fortnite map. One of them can be found west of Craggy Cliffs in a location exactly as shown below. There is another broken telescope southeast of Retail Row:

  • Head south of Catty Corner behind the big mountain and you'll find another broken telescope that you can fix.
  • The Northwest of Stealthy Stronghold, on the islet that is home to the Lockie Lighthouse, also houses a telescope.
  • There is another one west of Sweaty Sands


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Where Repair Damaged Telescopes Fortnite

To fix the broken telescope in Fortnite, all you have to do is get close and interact with it. Better get a vehicle and add an off-road mod to the car to try and fix all the broken telescopes in one game.

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