Equip a detector in fortnite, How to equip a detector and deactivate an alien poster

How to equip a detector in fortnite - Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 9 Legendary Assignments are available today, and one of them wants players to perform two very specific actions in a certain order and without dying.

Equip a detector in fortnite,  How to equip a detector and deactivate an alien poster

The objective of the challenge to which we refer is the following: "Equip a detector and then deactivate an alien poster in a single game". This is the most important mission of Week 9, since its completion allows you to get 45,000 Experience Points, really useful if you want to accumulate some Battle Stars.

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The purpose of the mission is to interact with one of the black boxes containing a detector and then approach one of the billboards to deactivate them. These objects are scattered around Moli Molesti and Cala Credente and in this challenge we will explain how to carry out Slone's orders in the second of the mentioned areas.

These are the places where you can find a detector in Cala Credente:

  • Next to the bus stops to the east
  • Between the buildings in the center of the point of interest.
  • In the northwest corner of the trailer park

Once you have interacted with one of these black boxes, you just have to find one of the alien posters and around the area you can find three:

  • One overlooks the beach and is on the right side of Cala Credente.
  • Another is in the hills to the west.
  • The last one is to the east, still in the hills.

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It should be noted that the two actions must be carried out in a single game and in the event that someone eliminates you before you can interact with a poster, you will have to start another game and repeat the process. Before saying goodbye, we leave you with an image of the map with the locations of the detectors indicated above, so that you can identify them immediately.

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