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How To Fix Snapchat Camera Not Working Black Screen Issue

How to fix snapchat crashing - Since it was announced to the world in 2011, Snapchat has done quite well on the reliability front. The app rarely crashes and the support team usually runs into an issue within minutes after it's revealed.

Being primarily a camera app, Snapchat, at the very least, needs its camera module to work flawlessly. Sadly, over the past few days, many users have faced a weird and weird camera bug, which leaves them with a blank screen when they try to access the camera.

How To Fix Snapchat Camera Not Working Black Screen Issue

Here, we will look at the problem and possible solutions, while Snapchat itself tried to come up with a solution of its own.

What is Snapchat's response?

Snapchat has officially acknowledged the problem on its Twitter page, but did not offer an explanation or provide a solution. They also didn't tell us if an update would be released for the same or fixed by a server-side push.

We are aware that some Snapchatters are having trouble using the app at this time. Waiting! We are investigating it!

How To fix Snapchat camera black screen problem?

Here are several ways to fix the black camera issue on the Snapchat app. The method n. 3 then reinstall, it works for someone on Reddit. But before you do that, it's good to try the first two methods as they don't delete anything on your phone.

Method n. # 1: check camera permission

If you're on iOS 14 beta, Snapchat's camera permission might have been revoked due to the meticulous privacy features of the operating system. To see if your iOS is the culprit, go to Settings, scroll down until you see installed apps, tap 'Snapchat' and see if the switch adjacent to 'Camera' is on.

Android users can also verify this permission, although it is unlikely to be the problem. To check Snapchat permissions, go to Settings, tap 'Applications' and press the 'three dots' button in the upper right corner. Now open ‘Permission Manager’.

  • Tap "Camera."
  • Scroll down to 'Snapchat'.
  • And finally, see if it is set to 'Allow'.

Method # 2: Clear cache and data

Whenever you come across an unremarkable issue, clearing the app cache and data should be your next step. Here, too, you can try to see if it solves the problem.

To clear the application data and Snapchat cache, first go to Settings and then tap 'Applications'. Search for "Snapchat" and then tap on it. Tap "Storage."

On the next screen, press 'Clear data' and 'Clear cache' respectively.

Method # 3: uninstall and reinstall

If the two tricks don't work for you, try uninstalling Snapchat right now and downloading the latest version from Google Play or App Store.

Method # 4: factory reset
If nothing else works, you can restart your device (Android | iOS). But know that doing so will delete all the data on your phone, so be sure to take proper backups.

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